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Entry #5

Icy Cave of Frustration!

2010-12-30 18:48:59 by tomdeaap

You're a hardcore flashgamer in for a hell of a ride?

Try completing our game jam game found here.

If you beat it, you're probably the first ever! GO TEAM CARIBOU!

Icy Cave of Frustration!


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2010-12-30 19:51:55

:D good job on that coding!


2010-12-31 07:54:24

Lekker hoor Tom!


2010-12-31 09:16:28

Needs checkpoints and/or lives.


2010-12-31 12:09:25

it's funny how legodude2000 said their team would whoop our team's ass's when they deleted their submission in the end :P


2011-01-01 01:54:05

I can't believe I failed on level 14, it's so easy.. at least I share a #1 spot on the leaderboards, though. How many levels are there?

tomdeaap responds:

25, but don't worry about level 25... or do?
Anyways the special levels aren't especially diffucult, they're just different and cool. (Don't think you'll get away free once you reach level 20 though!).


2011-01-01 16:53:35

there are 25 levels, WonderTheHedgehog: 20 "basic" levels, and 5 "special" levels which have, like, insane amounts of difficulty or something.


2011-01-04 23:32:52

I liked the programming


2011-06-17 02:48:59

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