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My first ...

2009-06-25 16:38:41 by tomdeaap

This is the first game I ever .... finished.
It took me 2 days, toghether with an ( I think awesome ) artist. I would post his name, but it's to hard to remember. Just clicky on his symbol next to the game.

Play it



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2009-06-25 16:41:23

That's pretty addictive man.
I love to see it alot larger however :3

tomdeaap responds:

Thank you, ... You could use widescreen to make it larger?

Hehe, no just kidding ... I'll ask the artist if he's intrested, because alot of people say so.


2009-06-25 16:57:50

yeah its a good game, but you might have wanted the controls to be on the actual keyboard :P

tomdeaap responds:

The controls not being on the keyboard is part of the challenge :)


2009-07-13 17:43:47

I really liked that! Yeah I also hope you make a longer version.